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Experience That Matters


HIETPAS & JONES is a boutique, full-service real estate brokerage dedicated to providing unparalleled service that consistently surpasses the highest expectations of every client who chooses to work with us.

By implementing a customized marketing strategy unique to your needs, HIETPAS & JONES strives to maximize the exposure of every property we represent by leveraging the most current technologies and social media platforms.

In today’s complicated and competitive marketplace, we’re more than happy to offer our thirty-plus years of combined industry experience to advise you every step of the way, by providing a level of integrity, knowledge and commitment beyond compare.


A Listing Plan That Delivers


1. Determining a Competitive Listing Price

Competitive pricing is one of the most crucial steps toward successfully selling your property. Proper pricing requires taking an in-depth look at what similar properties are selling for in order to determine the market value of the property you actually wish to sell.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much money you put into that kitchen remodel, finished basement, backyard paradise etc… Your property is only worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) provides you with relevant information about properties similar to yours (e.g. location, features, amenities etc.) that are either currently active on the market, have recently been sold, or were at one time listed for sale but the listing expired for one reason or another (oftentimes because it was over-priced).

A comprehensive CMA should be able to show you what properties similar to yours are actually selling for, how long similar properties are on the market before they sell, and what their actual sale prices were in relation to their list prices.


2. Preparing Your Property For Sale

In order to achieve the highest-possible selling price for your property, it is important to make sure that it is in show-ready condition prior to putting it on the market, and doing your absolute best to keep it that way until your property sells. If necessary, we might offer some suggestions here and there on how to get your property looking its best with minimal use of your time, effort and (most importantly) budget.

Relatively simple tasks such as decluttering (less is more), depersonalizing (family pictures etc.), organizing (e.g. toys, drawers, cabinets, closets), having carpets professionally cleaned, painting walls in neutral colors, rearranging some furniture, maintaining the yard and performing simple repairs go a long way toward having potential buyers eager to make an offer, sometimes before they even come through the door!


3. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Most real estate agents (should) provide this service, but listing your property in the Multiple Listing Service is so important that it’s still worth mentioning here.

The MLS provides syndication to every local real estate website that displays IDX (Internet Data Exchange) listings, including local independent brokers as well as franchises of national real estate companies such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Keller Williams and RE/MAX.

Just because HIETPAS & JONES isn’t affiliated with a national company doesn’t mean your property will get any less marketing exposure. In fact, as you will see below, the exposure we provide is potentially much greater.


4. Zillow, Trulia & Realtor.com… Oh My!

The three largest players in the online real estate search industry, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, get tens of millions of combined visitors per month.

Although most real estate listings uploaded to the MLS eventually get found and published by the Big Three, it takes time… So we take it a step further by manually adding our listings to Zillow at the same time we upload them to the MLS. As a result, your listing goes live on Zillow, and is displayed in front of millions of potential home buyers, long before the local MLS even has time to verify the listing documents and activate the listing in its system.

Since Trulia is part of the Zillow Group, shortly after we’ve manually-added your listing to Zillow, it is picked up by Trulia for exposure to Trulia’s additional millions of monthly visitors.

As far as Realtor.com is concerned, listing data is brought in strictly via the MLS and goes live relatively quickly, and it still offers a very large pool of potential home buyers, so we take your exposure on Realtor.com very seriously.

Finally, all of the other real estate listing aggregators such as Yahoo! Homes, RedFin, Homes.com, MSN Real Estate (along with hundreds of others) find and display real estate listings at their own pace, but it rarely takes over a week or so. Regardless, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com are the major players with the most traffic, so that’s where we focus our marketing efforts.


5. Targeted Social Media Advertising

We will incorporate highly-targeted social media advertising as necessary on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat in order to extend our reach to social media users in a specific demographic.

For example, users who are most likely to move, have a household income greater than $100,000 and/or have recently experienced a significant “life-event” (e.g. getting married, recent job promotion, retirement etc.).

These targeted advertising campaigns have the potential to reach thousands of additional potential buyers who might not be actively searching for a home, but may be very interested if their dream home happens to show up in their news feed.


6. The Open House

When feasible, we will attempt to schedule an open house within the first few weeks of listing your property.

Despite the fact that the majority of open house guests tend to be nosy neighbors, some potential home buyers feel less obligation, and generally more comfortable, visiting an open house without having to commit to scheduling a showing with a real estate agent. These are buyers who may have otherwise not had the opportunity to see your home.

Although they aren’t as popular as they once were, we believe an open house is simply another opportunity to maximize the exposure of your property, while gaining valuable feedback from potential home buyers and the real estate agents working with them.

It is very important to note that when holding an open house, items such as checkbooks, prescription medications, cash, jewelry and other valuables should be placed in a secure location, preferably off-site.


7. Showing Coordination & Management

Offers to purchase rarely occur when the buyer hasn’t physically toured the property. That’s why it’s important to make sure your property is as accessible as possible to potential buyers who want to schedule a showing.

We provide Supra iBox lock-boxes whenever possible in order to allow real estate agents who are working with potential buyers to have easy, yet incredibly secure, access to your property.

The Supra iBox can only be opened by authorized users (e.g. licensed real estate agents). The rugged iBox protects the “key to your castle” with a steel shackle and solid metal construction in order to prevent unauthorized use, and stores activity data (in real-time) whenever it is opened. As a result, we always know who is gaining access to your property, and when.

In addition, we schedule showing appointments via the ShowingTime Appointment Center, a third-party service that allows us to efficiently manage showing requests. Simplifying the showing request process enables us to provide exceptional service to our sellers along with minimal hassle. You can confirm showing requests via phone, email, text or even via the ShowingTime Mobile App… Whichever method is most convenient for you.

ShowingTime also seamlessly monitors buyer and agent feedback on your property, ensuring that all relevant parties are aware of how the listing is performing related to its price, the overall showing experience, buyer interest and a variety of other important factors.


8. Offer Presentation, Review & Evaluation

When a bona fide offer to purchase is brought to the table, it is crucial to carefully review and consider every notable aspect of the contract (and its addenda) in order to determine how acceptable the offer really is.

It is uncommon for the first draft of an offer to purchase to be immediately acceptable to you, the seller. Instead, you must understand that the initial offer is, more often than not, a springboard to the negotiation phase of the real estate transaction. We will carefully analyze all aspects of an offer to purchase, break it down into easily-digestible bullet points, and help you determine the best course of action.

It is important to realize that all offers are, at their core, good offers. A genuine offer to purchase of your property indicates that the potential buyer is most interested in your listing among all others they have had the opportunity to consider. It is now time to negotiate a deal that is agreeable to all parties involved in the transaction.


9. The Negotiation

When you receive an offer to purchase for your property, you generally have three choices:

  • Accept the offer to purchase
  • Reject the offer to purchase
  • Counter the offer to purchase

As stated above, an initial offer to purchase is rarely acceptable from the get-go. In addition, straight-up rejecting an offer to purchase essentially tells the buyer to “do better” if they really want to purchase your property, which is usually not the best course of action. You’re normally better off countering with your original terms instead of all-out rejecting an offer. That being said, let’s briefly discuss the fine art of negotiation via counter offers…

When most negotiations end in an agreed-upon contract, all parties walk away from the table feeling like they “won.” This is accomplished by attempting to find a common ground, by conceding (albeit begrudgingly) some terms in the contract that you are more flexible on, while holding your ground on the terms that are absolutely non-negotiable.

During contract negotiations, it is important to consider all terms of the offer beyond just the purchase price, such as the various contingencies (if any), buyer’s ability to obtain financing, the earnest money deposit, the inclusions/exclusions, the requested closing date and any other additional terms or provisions.

We will guide you every step of the way in order to help you navigate through every aspect of contract negotiations, which is arguably the most critical component of the home-selling process.


10. Closing Coordination

Once all contract terms are agreed upon and accepted in writing by both buyer and seller, it is time to schedule the closing with a title company. It’s perfectly acceptable to be excited at this point… You have an accepted offer! However, it is important to realize that a lot of work is yet to be done in order to ensure that the transaction closes on time, if at all.

A variety of contingencies such as home inspections/testing, financing commitments, the sale and closing of your buyer’s current property and other terms may need to be met in order for the deal to move forward. The home inspection might reveal previously unknown problems that need to be repaired, oftentimes opening negotiations (again) as to who will be responsible for what.

The title company also plays a large role in this process by ordering a title search/examination, determining if there are any documents that may affect the title of the property, any debts owed, and verifying who is legal owner, among other things, in order to issue a title commitment. We work closely with the title company, lenders, and all other parties to the transaction in order to make this rather hectic process proceed as smoothly as possible.

The ultimate goal is for us to see you through to a successful closing on your property, no matter what obstacles need to be overcome, therefore allowing you to move on to the next chapter of your life, confident that we at HIETPAS & JONES did our absolute best to assist you, from start, to finish.


Transaction Management That Simplifies



One of our (many) goals is to become as paperless as possible by utilizing eSignatures and digital transaction management whenever we can. Via DocuSign, real estate documents can be reviewed and signed at your convenience via your computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing us to streamline the entire process while having instant access to all documents related to your transaction, thus resulting in a better experience for all parties involved.

DocuSign uses bank-level security standards and technology in order to ensure that all documents, transactions, and personal data are safe and secure.


A Yard Sign That Never Quits


Fox Crossing, WI | by Frank Jones


Our yard signs and sign riders are manufactured on .063″ aluminum panels using 3M Engineer Grade Series 3200 reflective sheeting.

What does this mean? First of all, our yard signs and sign riders are more than 50% thicker than traditional real estate signs, resulting in much better durability in our rather harsh Wisconsin weather. This ensures that you don’t have a banged up, rusty old yard sign in front of your house.

In addition, our yard signs and riders are highly-reflective (similar to a stop sign), advertising your property as “For Sale” 24/7/365.

We also utilize high-quality, attractive vinyl sign posts that are super-easy for us to install, allowing us to begin advertising your property as officially “For Sale” immediately upon your partnership with HIETPAS & JONES.


Listing Photos That Sell


Egg Harbor, WI | by Frank Jones


In this day and age of the internet and its ability to provide instant access to countless real estate listings via just a few clicks, it’s critically important for your property to make a good first impression in order to stand out from the crowd. With a myriad of listings to review, potential home buyers won’t bother requesting a showing, and will quickly move on to the next listing, if your photos don’t show your home in its best light.

At HIETPAS & JONES, we understand the importance of providing high-quality real estate photos in order to sell your home quickly, and for top dollar. We know from experience that professional-quality photos mean more potential buyers will click on your listing. More clicks mean more showings, and more showings mean more offers.

Partner and REALTOR Frank Jones has been trained in the fine art of interior and exterior real estate photography by world-renowned architectural photographer Mike Kelley. Frank has both the equipment and the expertise to capture stunning interior, exterior and even aerial photos of your property.

Upon listing your property with HIETPAS & JONES, be prepared to allow Frank at least a couple of hours photographing your property in order to capture the best angles and lighting as possible. After he has completed photographing your home, Frank will then spend several hours in Photoshop CC and various other software programs tweaking your photos before uploading them to the Multiple Listing Service, Zillow, and any other real estate websites that provide a world-wide reach.

Below you will find just a few examples of Frank’s work compared to typical real estate photos. Should you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact Frank at (920) 740-7474 or [email protected].

Algonquin Front Before

Algonquin Front After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Garage Before

Algonquin Garage After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Backyard Before


Algonquin Backyard After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Entry Before


Algonquin Entry After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Dining Before


Algonquin Dining After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Kitchen Before


Algonquin Kitchen After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones


Algonquin Laundry Before


Algonquin Laundry After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Sunroom Before

Algonquin Sunroom After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones



Algonquin Bathroom Before



Algonquin Bathroom After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones

Algonquin Basement Before

Algonquin Basement After

Hobart, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Kitchen GR Before 2



Lucas Kitchen GR After 2

New London, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Kitchen GR Before



Lucas Kitchen GR After

New London, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Master Before



Lucas Master After

New London, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Master Bath Before



Lucas Master Bath After

New London, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Bedroom Before




Lucas Bedroom After

New London, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Basement Before



Lucas Basement After

New London, WI | by Frank Jones



Lucas Garage Before



Lucas Garage After

New London, WI | by Frank Jones