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Well, look no further than Waterford Builders/TCGroup, as they are an exclusive partner of the HIETPAS & JONES Real Estate Experience.

Waterford Builders/TCGroup has been a key component of residential, commercial and industrial real estate development in the Fox Cities area for decades. In fact, whether you know it or not, many of the not-so-known real estate development projects that make the Fox Valley what it is today are a direct result of the combined efforts of Waterford Builders/TCGroup and its development partners.

Be it general or specific design, architectural modeling, engineering suitability and/or entire build-out projects, Waterford Builders/TCGroup sets the bar for residential, commercial and industrial real estate development in the Fox Cities.

HIETPAS & JONES is honored to be a part of the Waterford Builders/TCGroup Family, and we look forward to you and yours being proud members as well.

Feel free to take a closer look below, and don’t hesitate to contact us or Waterford Builders directly for more information.

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Building a home can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. At Waterford Builders, we pride ourselves on creating that special experience for you.

We streamline the construction process through our job-cost management system, which will help determine your home’s budget and timeline.


Designers & builders of energy-efficient, healthier custom homes…

Backed with decades of family knowledge in engineering and real estate sales and development, Dave and Deborah Hietpas both bring generations of experience to Waterford Builders. Dave is a second-generation contractor specializing in project management and the design of diverse building projects. Deborah is a second-generation licensed REALTOR with an extensive family background in real estate. Together, they have partnered with qualified design, construction and building resources, as well as an experienced staff of licensed engineers and architects who understand local, state and national codes and standards. Civil/structural, mechanical and electrical design are all performed in-house and are oftentimes used by other area builders and contractors to resolve complex designs.


The solution for building an energy-efficient custom home…
Waterford Builders is the solution for building the finest energy-efficient custom home available today. Building energy-efficient custom homes requires a “systems design approach,” which combines design, technology, materials and equipment along with the knowledge to put it all together so the home performs for the occupants, the structure and the environment.

minocqua wi photosOUR MISSION

The home of tomorrow, today…

Waterford Builders uses only highly energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly building materials in the construction of their custom homes. Imagine a home of virtually any architectural style, that goes up faster, stands stronger, lasts longer and is so thermally-efficient that your water heater can heat it all winter long and your air conditioner will rarely come on in the summer.  No need to imagine it, as it’s all possible in a Waterford Builders home.


Building the dream…

Waterford Builders offers what the client desires, and that is a quality, energy-efficient and healthier custom home. Clients will experience that working with Waterford Builders is a much more enjoyable and professional way of building a new custom home.


Waterford Builders is the solution for building the finest energy-efficient custom home available today. Building an energy-efficient custom home requires a “systems design approach” which combines design, technology, materials and equipment, along with the knowledge to put it all together so it performs for the occupants, the structure, and the environment. A home must be durable, safe, and comfortable, yet use minimal amounts of energy.

Outside forces affect all of the exterior and interior surfaces of a home, for example:

  • Solar
  • Relative humidity
  • Rain water
  • Air temperature
  • Repelling winds
  • Below-grade hydrostatic pressure
  • Below-grade water
  • Below-grade temperatures ranging from 45 to 56 degrees F

To manage these forces, each home requires research and development for all of the materials and equipment to operate in different ranges and applications. The environment, project location and other conditions must integrate with the internal environmental control system. Repelling wind forces require that every point, from foundation to peak, be treated with primary and other linking technologies acting in unison as an energy shield to the elements.

No two homes are alike. That is why each home requires care in a process that considers all of the variables, specifies appropriate materials for the application, and delivers conditions that meet or exceed established Whole Homeminocqua wi photos Standards. “Whole Home Standards” for energy-efficiency and health are far more about engaging in a process of building a home in a certain way, taking the care to utilize the appropriate materials, and applying them in ways to produce a standard of comfort.

Waterford Builders’ homes are tested under “force conditions” induced by
equipment throughout the construction process.

Waterford Builders’ homes are built to meet or exceed Wisconsin Energy Star Program standards:

  • Framing and insulation review per RESNET.
  • Home energy rating index of 70 or lower.
  • 0.20 CFM @ depressurized to 50 pascals.
  • Ventilation heating compliant w/ Ashrae 62.2-2007 & RESNET requirements.

With decades of experience, Waterford Builders combines the latest technologies in the building product industry with the finest skilled craftsmen in the area to deliver the finest energy efficient custom home available. Experience the beauty, comfort and warmth of a Waterford Builders home today!


Building construction is a complex operation including thousands of processes by dozens of industries, bringing together hundreds of components and sub-systems into a house. A house is a complex, interrelated system of people, the building itself  and the environment.HVAC-System-Diagram

A house consists of the building envelope, the sub-systems contained within it, and the fit and finish. The building envelope is composed of elements. The sub-systems are composed of components. The fit and finish is composed of surfaces, appliances, trim, fixtures and the furnishings.

The building envelope, assemblies, elements, sub-systems, components and fit and finish are all interrelated. A change in an element can change the performance of an assembly, affecting the building envelope and subsequently changing the characteristics of the house. Similarly, a change in a sub-system can influence the house, an assembly or an element of an assembly.

The house, in turn, interacts with the people who live in the house and the local environment where the house is located. The functional relationships between parameters are driven by physical, chemical and biological reactions. The basic factors controlling the physical, chemical and biological reactions are:

  • heat flow

  • air flow

  • moisture flow

Controlling heat flow, air flow and moisture flow will control the interactions among the physical elements of the house, its occupants and the environment.

Building houses is really about the durability of the people (health, safety and well-being of people), the durability of buildings (the useful service life of a building is typically limited by its durability) and the durability of the planet.

Waterford Builders has developed a systems approatrane thermostatch to designing and building homes that are healthy, comfortable, durable, and energy-efficient. The relationships that define major elements of the residential construction process, as well as continuing home operation, are taken into consideration when we deign and build your home.


Overall energy consumption for heating, cooling and water heating should meet Energy Star requirements as determined by an accredited home energy rating system procedure. Air leakage of buildings should be less than 2.0 square inches/100 square feet leakage ratio or, 1.20 square inches per 100 square feet leakage ratio or, 0.20 cfm per square foot of building envelope surface area @50Pa.


Energy-efficient and resource-efficient construction must provide comfortable indoor conditions as defined by ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2007




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